Wings of Fire
Wings of Fire Book Six, Moon Rising By Sutherland, Tui Book - 2015

Moonwatcher the Nightwing is a special dragonet. her mother has told her that her powers are a curse and that she must never reveal them to anyone. but at Jade Mountain Academy, she meets the dragonets of destiny and a winglet of strange dragonets that she will grow to like. Some time after she enters the school under cover, Moon discovers a strange friend; a telepathic dragon that, she soon finds out, is the legendary monster, the star of all Nightwing horror tales, Darkstalker! He and Moon become friends, and Moon discovered that, unlike her, Darkstalker was hatched under three full moons, while Moon hatched under two. That's why he has mind reading, future seeing, AND animus powers, while Moon only has the first two! there was also an explosion in the history cave, killing Carnelian the Skywing and Bigtail the Nightwing. after that, Darkstalker taught Moon about mind reading and how to control it. Meanwhile, Winter the Icewing's sister, Icicle, was planning to murder the five dragonets of destiny for the fallen Skywing queen, Scarlet, and almost sucessfully killed Starflight the Nightwing. Moon soon discovered that Icicle was only doing this because she wanted her lost brother, Hailstorm, back. Then Icicle escapes, and a day after that, Winter does too. Then, Moon finds out that Turtle, the Seawing in her winglet, has a bracelet holding stones that can block mind reading. Prince Turtle agrees to give the stones to each one of the winglet, since they finally found out that Moon could read minds. The sixth book of Wings Of Fire ends when Moon and her friends chase down Winter, and Moon starts to explain everything, from the history cave's explosion to her own mind reading and future seeing.

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