For those who are fans of Cornwell's "Last Kingdom" series featuring the tales of the warrior lord Uhtred of Bebbanburg, this book will not disappoint. Virtually oozing androgens and testosterone "Warriors of the Storm" tells of the defeat of villainous Ragnal Ivarson and the establishment of a peaceful kingdom in Northumbia that seeks only peaceful relations with Englaland.
Like the other "Warriors" tales, "Warriors of the Storm" is firmly anchored in that pivotal time in the history of Britain where the future of what is to become England hangs in the balance. "Warriors of the Storm" puts us there.
There are battles; there is deceit; there is loyalty; there is betrayal; there is excitement and suspense in this novel that grips our imagination and holds onto it with persistence.
A novel to be read; a history to be revelled in; a story that cannot fail to grip..
A five star adventure for sure.

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