Well, well, well. If it ain't John Henry Clayton. I heard a lot about you. Name's Frank Tillman. Maybe you heard of me?
-Can't say as I have.
Well, I killed four men. Still don't ring a bell. How come you ain't wearing a gun? You go and... get religion or something?
Most men came out of that war wanting nothing more to do with killing, but not you... you went looking for it. God is not responsible for the life you choose.
There was no need for that. We were talking.
-It would appear the conversation's over now, Dave.
He was about to see reason.
-You actually ever kill anybody, Dave, or you just talk 'em to death?
They killed Daniel Peterson. I never thought they'd kill one of us.
- It's only gonna get worse.
What makes you say that?
-'Cause after the first one, it gets easier.
I can see what's in your eyes.
- Then you know what I gotta do.
You don't have to do anything.
- But we both know I will.

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