The Dilbert Principle
The Dilbert Principle A Cubicle's Eye View of Bosses, Meetings, Management Fads & Other Workplace Afflictions By Adams, Scott Book - 1996

Life in the workplace is hell—unless Scott Adams is in the next cubicle. This is his early work but it’s still as hilarious and bite-your-lip funny as it was when it was first penned. Attended by his famous drawings of the pointy-haired boss, the triangle-headed acid-tongued co-worker and the bald geek who only lives for coffee and extended work breaks, Mr. Adams shows exactly what is wrong with most business offices and how the employees in them cope. He turned this idea into a winning comic strip series, making himself a household name and fabulously rich…and justifiably so.

We might not make it as big as Mr. Adams did but you can’t help but applaud his success. If you’re stuck in that cubicle, take one of his strips out and tack it onto the gray matted walls. Just don’t let your boss see it.

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